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Focus on what you want and transform your life


When we focus on problems that we have, trying to solve them, we often get trapped in the circle of doing the same thing over and over. Our mind is trying to find solutions using the same way of thinking, by being all the time focused on the problem.

Another thing is that our mind is focused on lack. The problem is like a sense of lack in this case. 


When you focus on losing weight, you are in a state of lack- that you don’t have the body you want. You constantly check your weight, getting stressed that you still don’t see the results. You look in the mirror and you are not happy about what you see, right?

Yes, sometimes we need to be precise about what and how much we eat, especially if there are serious health problems, I do not question that. But the whole idea of losing weight is about a lack of self-acceptance. We think and feel that we are not right. 

What is the deeper motivation behind losing weight? What is it that we really want when we think that we want to lose weight? Don’t we want to feel joyful, beautiful and healthy in fact? So what does the person who feels joyful, beautiful and healthy actually do to feel like that? What do you do to feel joyful, beautiful and healthy? Isn’t this also a call for love?

What is the difference between these two ways of thinking?

  1. When you focus on losing weight as mentioned above, your mind is in a state of lack. You reject yourself as you are at this moment, also very often trying to fit in into unrealistic cultural patterns. 
  2. When you focus on how you want to feel and imagine yourself in that state from the level of love, you are getting in contact with that version of yourself and you take steps towards it, because you want to grow and evolve.

When you focus on what you want, you are getting in contact with the future version of yourself, because if this is what you truly want, it means it already exists. This version of you already exists.

You have a target of who and how you want to be, instead of what you want to lose. 

Isn’t that powerful? ?

Read that sentence again! 🙂

If we feel that we are not enough and therefore want to lose weight, how can we want to lose weight, when we already feel incomplete and like something is missing? We don’t want to lose more if we already don’t have enough, do we? Instead, we might often even gain weight because our mind will protect us from creating more lack in our lives.

When we focus on how we want to be and feel, starting from the position of accepting ourselves exactly as we are today in this moment, we are giving ourselves an opportunity for growth. And this is a completely different mindset.

We all feel sh*ty sometimes, don’t we? And that is ok 🙂 What can we do then?

First, you need to accept the point where you are. You can do that, by saying this sentence to yourself: 

“I am in this situation today (name it as you like, whatever it is in your life) and this is ok.”

Then, you can express a will to transform:

From my own free will and through unconditional love, I wish to grow and evolve (in that particular situation- you can name it).”

Then, think about how you want to feel, who you want to be in that particular situation. Imagine this and feel this version of yourself. And ask yourself: 

What can I do today, to feel how I want to feel and to become who I want to be?”

This is how you accept the version of yourself here and now and how you start evolving towards the version of you that you want to become. From the level of love instead of the level of lack.

This version already exists, my Dear ☯️

Have a beautiful Monday 🙂

With love,


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