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Flip of the Earth's poles


I heard about the possible shift and flip of the Earth’s poles more than a year ago. I read it somewhere, found it very interesting and that was all at that time. And often I just read something, leave it and sometimes it comes back. Some time after I was reading a book about Fengshui. At the beginning of the book, there were basic explanations about the directions and layouts of the building and rooms. I didn't know why, but the way they present the layouts where with North being on the bottom and South of the top. I remember exactly my sensation in the body when I first saw it. I felt this strange feeling inside, like an electric impulse, which ran through all my body. My mind immediately associated it with the information about poles’ switch that I read some time before.

Another impulse I felt when designing of my logos, the Atlantis logo which I decided not to use, but anyway the process was very creative and interesting. The logo was round and the name Atlantis was put all around inside the logo. Letter ’N’ was exactly on the bottom, in the middle, exactly where the South is on the compass and the logo itself looked a bit like a compass. When I put all the letters there, I drew it first with pencil and when I saw this ’N’ in the South, I had exactly the same sensation in my body. So I knew this is an information. I am also sure that the fact I was handwriting, had a significant meaning, because this is the best way the Spirit to communicate with me. It is a way of guidance.

Today I read again another article ‘A Disturbance in the field’ and having in mind all the changes we are experiencing and coming through, isn’t this a very significant information? If we are going through something as unusual as this cosmic event, not only it will affect animals, but entire Planet, all ecosystems, all life forms, including humans. The question is: how can we understand this more and adapt to this change as surely it can’t be avoided. Perhaps there are some hints, perhaps they can be found in the ancient civilisations’ knowledge and perhaps they are also within ourselves.

As we create our reality, perhaps the flip of poles is what we actually create and not the other way round? And perhaps it has some connection with the overall planetary energy switch, from dominating masculine to balanced masculine and feminine and the way to get the balance is to awaken the feminine.

With love,

Marta ???




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