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Feminine aspect and corporate life


Corporate life has its rules. 

I spent more than 15 years in corporate life and I am truly grateful for this experience because I have learned a lot, gained new skills, grown as a person, met wonderful people, traveled a lot, worked in international environments, improved my English immensely and provided a comfortable life for myself in many ways. For many years I was earning good money. I could invest in myself a lot, making courses, learning, taking part in educational events. These were the aspects that I really enjoyed. This experience is undeniably helpful in running my own business now.

Yet, there was also a lot of stress, difficulties, problems as this is life. I accept that and all this made me grow as well.

When I first felt I need a change, I still wanted to be in the same business area, but as we called it in our industry- on the other side. So, from the “tenant’s side” I switched to “landlord’s side”. I needed a change, a new perspective and it happened. I had three years of this very important experience in my life.

As I was also changing, I started to strongly feel that even though it was a great comfort zone with a lot of opportunities for me, I was missing something. 

Now I know I was missing a part of myself.

I was missing a connection with my feminine aspect in the way I deeply craved.

The corporate world learns us a lot and we can grow greatly, yet it is very much driven by masculine energy. It does not mean it is wrong, it just creates an imbalance in my opinion. It is goal and money-driven mostly, very competitive and strict.

Therefore does not really allow for using some of the feminine aspects that we all have- women and men. It does not allow us to listen and use our intuition, feelings, empathy, even creativity the way we could. We usually need to do what seems to be logical, “right” (whatever that means), we fight instead of cooperating.

Because of this we very often overuse ourselves and others in order to “deliver the result”. Instead of feeling joy we feel drained and constantly tired. This is the result of the imbalance.

As a woman, who was driven so much in my corporate “previous life” by all of these aspects and missing my inner balance, I can say, that from my perspective, the corporate world seems to be very difficult for women and even for men. It keeps us often in this imbalanced state.

But as we are those who create this corporate world, we can also change it. And the change always starts within us. If you try to change something or someone, you will only lose energy and time.

Focus on what you truly want, what feels good for you. This is how the change starts.

❓What is it that you really need?

❓What is it that you miss in your life?

❓What is it that you have been dreaming about?

❓What makes you feeling joyful?

Think about it for a little while and see what comes to you.

I wish you beautiful insights ?☯️

Marta ?

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