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Feminine and Masculine- balance and imbalance


Why is it so important to access, heal and balance feminine and masculine aspects within?

In short, feminine aspect within us connects us with the unseen worlds, the world of energy. Something that we can’t perceive with our 5 senses, but we can feel it. Our feelings are signs coming through our body from the unseen worlds. 

It is those moments when you feel something, but don’t know yet what it is, your mind hasn’t figured it out as logical thinking is linear and therefore connected with time, so it needs time to process information and then take action.

The masculine aspect within us, in short, connects us with logical thinking and taking actions after picking up the energetic unseen information through the feminine aspect. Based on our internal software, the information is being processed and action is taken.

Let me give you an example from daily life.

A healthy/ balanced way both aspects work is:

When you don’t feel comfortable around someone or that contact with this person drains your energy, you have a “strange” feeling after being in contact with that person, this is your feminine side sensing the energy of that person. You don’t know what it is, as, at a first glance, the person seems nice, smiling, maybe even saying nice words. You just feel it.

Then, your logical mind tries to find solutions to solve this issue. There are various ways depending on the situation, but let's say it could be: stop meeting this person, limit the contact if you can’t quit it completely or immediately, have a conversation (if you find it reasonable). It is your masculine setting healthy boundaries, protecting you from harmful experiences. 

When feminine and masculine are wounded/ imbalanced it could work as follows:

You have the same feelings as above, but your feminine is wounded. You may ignore those feelings, you may be swept away by the emotions you experience. When you ignore your feelings, you deny your feminine, when you are swept away by the emotions, you deny your masculine.

When you deny your feelings, your masculine may be overthinking and over rationalising the situation, trying to find solution. When overthinking, it creates many possible scenarios and none of them might be real. When over rationalizing, it might be under influence of the external, often societal patterns as it denies the own inner knowing. 

This is one short example of how it works.

Balance means both aspects communicating and cooperating with one another, not rejecting or denying one or another. We need both to experience our wholeness.

Love is being whole ☯️?

How are your masculine and feminine today?

With love,

Marta ?

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