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Feminine and masculine aspects within us


Gender concept is a physical-based expression of how we identify ourselves. 

As reflected in eastern traditions as well as the western modern view presented by Car Gustav Jung, every being is made of these two aspects, the feminine and masculine energy. 

Eastern traditions call these energies Shakti (feminine) and Shiva (masculine), Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine), Sun (masculine) and Moon (feminine). 
Jung, as a representative of western thought, calls them Anima (feminine aspect within men) and Animus (masculine aspect within women). 

What is common in all these beliefs and views is that in each of them it is believed, that an individual becomes whole when both of these aspects or energies are fully embraced and embodied in one’s life. 
Jung called that process and ‘individuation’.

As every individual is a part of society and we learn through society, about ourselves and about others. We also learn about what feminine and masculine is.

This picture within we create and live with is based on what we observe, what we observe within our families, relationships, businesses and societies.

We tend to create our image of masculine and feminine based on the physical gender, perhaps forgetting or being unaware, that we have both aspects within.

What we carry within, we reflect in our lives.
What we learn, we become.

❓What picture of feminine do you carry within?
❓What picture of masculine do you carry within?
❓How does feminine and masculine are represented in your life?
❓What do you observe in society in terms of masculine and feminine?

I do believe that we create reality from within and at the same time we constantly interact and influence one another. We can observe and learn from others, but in fact, we only have an influence on our own thoughts, emotions and actions. 

The more aware we become of who we truly are within, the more consciously we interact with life.

I wish you all a beautiful day ☯️

Marta ?

Picture: Adobe Stock, author: Yuriy Mazur

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