Team Spirit- Team Workshops

Team workshops and Team-building Offer

Team Spirit- Team Workshops

Team workshops and Team-building Offer

Nothing unites people more than a common goal that they feel a part of!

When people, when your team, your employees feel they have a real impact on the business they work at, they feel motivated.

When a team knows a direction, and a goal and the leader knows how to navigate the whole team towards the common goal, the goal that each team member shares, the sailing is much more smooth and joyful!

When people take an active part in the problem-solving process within the company they work for, they feel more engaged and responsible.

We are offering Team Workshops and Team Buildings in various options:

  • Online Workshops (usually 2- 3 hours maximum)
  • 1 Day Live Events (at the Headquarters, in the nature-highly recommended, at the hotels or creative spots)
  • 3-4 Days Team Building Events in the beautiful nature sceneries (detailed offer based on Client's needs)

Purpose of Event

  • Setting up a team goal
  • Identifying a problem/ challenge within the team/ company/ operation/ products/ leadership (anything that requires an innovative way of thinking)
  • Step out of the comfort zone
  • Creative SOULutions search through meditation, exercises, creativity and fun!
  • Process Sum-Up- gathering discoveries and quick action plan for execution
  • Get people united through common purpose
  • Discover and grow the Team Soul and Spirit!

Solving challenges might be great fun!

We have learned that we need to sit down at the desk and solve daily problems by searching for more and more information. Yes, sometimes we may find something useful, but as the information is there, it is not an innovation anymore!

Isn't it just boring?! 🙂


Because our brain is in the most creative mode in alpha and theta brain waves, whereas most of the time, especially while sitting at the office desk, we are in the low or high beta waves, which means focused on certain tasks, processing information, but with a narrow perspective (which is needed in this process). However, in such a state, we are not able to think outside of the box, we are not creative and therefore we are not able to be innovative.

The most creative part of our being is our inner child and we can only access the potential of our inner child through fun and creativity, not through sitting at a desk.

Because we are and will be facing more and more challenges in our lives and businesses due to rapid changes in the World and we need creativity and innovation to solve them. Feel free to check this offer as well.

Who is it for?

  • A group of leaders in your company/ institution
  • Teams with their leaders
  • Business Owners/ Management Board

You and Your Business are One Spirit made of all the individual Souls!

Let's discover it and grow!

So........ what is the Spirit of your Business?

How do you want it to grow?

I would be pleased to have an introduction call with you to find out more about the needs and challenges of your business and to prepare a tailored made offer!

Feel free to contact me via email: or via mobile: +30 6907277748.

Can't wait to work with you!

Marta Kusiak

*We may schedule online consultation as a first step. Other steps to be agreed upon the Parties' needs and possibilities. I reside in Greece, in Thessaloniki.

**Online and 1 Day Events are hosted by Marta Kusiak. Few Days Events are hosted in accompany of other professionals, who will be introduced in the detailed offer.

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