Lead your path - Individual Exclusive Program

Make your passions your business!

Lead your path - Individual Exclusive Program

Make your passions your business!

Individual Exclusive Program 

500 EUR*

This Individual Exclusive Program is designed for you to start living your life's purpose and set up your own business based on what you truly want and who you are.

Make your passions your business!

Follow your heart and let the mind figure out the best ways!

Your path is the path of your heart and Soul. To 'Lead your path' means to connect with your heart and Soul and to live your life's purpose.

What your heart is calling you to, is your life's purpose.

This is the way to create true abundance in your life.

Who is it for?

đź’Ž For anyone who wants to change their professional career and start their own freelance/ self-employment business in alignment with their Soul đź’Ž

  • Do you want to start working for your own goals instead of somebody else’s?
  • Do you want more freedom, independence and influence in your professional life?
  • Have you been thinking about starting your own business and don’t know how to start?
  • Have you reached your career peak and want to do something more meaningful in your life?
  • Do you have a business idea that you would like to make a reality?

This program contains a combination of life & business coaching sessions as well as business mentoring sessions.

  • 1-hour free clarity call before the program
  • 3 coaching sessions (1,5 hours each) where you will explore your purpose, goals, needs, motivations, values, beliefs, talents, skills, obstacles to transform, including exploration of the subconscious mind
  • 4 mentoring sessions (2 hours each) where you will be taking exact steps towards your specified goal during organized and measurable process. Whenever needed, mentoring sessions would be mixed with coaching sessions to overcome inner obstacles
  • Bonus surprise gift!

Coaching process enables you to discover your needs, talents, motivations, purpose, goals and mentoring process enables you to make exact steps towards your goal.

How do I work and what do I use?

  • Coaching & mentoring tools
  • Meditations and visualisations
  • Elements of hypnosis in Life Coaching to help you reach your subconscious mind and overcome unconscious obstacles

What can you expect?

  • Fast-pace and organized process that would lead you towards reaching your goal
  • Real changes in your life due to focusing your energy and effort towards your goal
  • Deep work with yourself which leads to transformation and creating new habits, beliefs and patterns necessary for living your purpose and goal
  • Becoming a leader of your own life by following the path of your heart and Soul!

What do I recommend for the effectiveness of the process?

  • Engage yourself in your process as this is your life and you deserve to live it as you truly want
  • Do exercises and homework
  • Weekly sessions to ensure the effectiveness of the process, but most of all listen to yourself and if you need a pause, let me know
  • Be open and trust that everything happens in the right time and according to your inner willingness and readiness
  • Enjoy the road!

Why it is beneficial to work with me?

  • During my Mentoring Certification I have learned how set my career goals and I achieved exactly what I wanted and even more than I expected (and it was the beginning of my mentoring experience)
  • I am setting my own goals in my business as well as my personal life, track and execute them, but I also learned how to slow down and let go when it is not the time to act
  • I follow my path and I would love to support you in finding and stepping into your path
  • I moved to another country and set up my own business in Greece
  • I create my business according to my values and deep motivations coming from the heart
  • I create my business where I include my passions and I can teach you how to do it in your unique way
  • I am creating my financial freedom through my business
  • I keep learning, improving and healing myself
  • I am overcoming obstacles and I learn from mistakes
  • You can learn from my mistakes- I have made some on the way!
  • You can learn from my experience and start creating your own financial freedom by 'Leading your path'


How much do you need to invest?

Value of the program: 500 EUR+ a surprise gift!

Your own Soulful business is your step towards your personal and financial freedom.

Is it easy? No, it is not. Is it worth it? Yes, it definitely is!

I am here for you and it is my pleasure to be a part of your journey!

Thank you for your trust.

Marta Kusiak



Before you purchase the package, please reach me out to set a date for the first meeting and to create a full meeting schedule. The first 1-hour clarity call is free. The first coaching session shall take place upon the payment for the full package. All sessions are online. This is not a self-learning course. All sessions are run by me personally. See you soon!

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Please contact me directly to set a free call. Contact details: marta@thenewhearth.com
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We will agree on the date after the free call.
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