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I went to the Ayurvedic store to buy some incenses. Those that I had, finished at some point and I felt like need something to clean my space and also to change vibrations. I like the store that I have in my city. It has a true eastern spirit. I went to the shelves where the incenses were and without reading labels, I grabbed one package. It was the “Sensual- erotic blend”. I put it away as I felt I don’t need it now. I need to focus on my work- so there was a “Concentration” one and there was also a beautiful golden/ orange package with “meditation” purpose blend. It caught my eye also immediately. The sales assistant told me that this is a very traditional high quality incense and so I knew it is a perfect one.

I tried to find something else as well and there was another brand below so again I caught a package without seeing the name of it and it was again the “Love and erotic blend”. Then I thought- “Hmmm- maybe I shouldn’t actually put it away…?” And I decided to take the first one- the “Sensual- erotic blend” too! They are all so lovely packed! I love beautiful things!

All these small things make my so happy and even though it is a tough financial time for me, I could not refuse this little pleasure for myself. Came back home being in a wonderful mood, I lighten the meditation incense in a first place. Cooking was my meditation then and I felt amazing peace in my heart and in the air. I enjoyed it so much that I lighten the erotic blend too. Put some chill music on and I felt so much joy and love from the inside that I could hardly describe it. I felt this lightness and gratitude for my life. For every step of my journey and every decision I made, even if some waves are not that smooth sailing. But wouldn’t this be boring if the sea was always calm? 

As I am a mystic and philosopher at heart, I love to have my Godinsidences in life. When you follow your heart and Soul, you know what is right for you. When you observe yourself, what your body tells you, what you do and what you chose, it is one of the ways to learn and follow. Your body is a vehicle for your Soul, so it knows better than your head.

I believe everything happens for a reason and as my good friend say: it is either a blessing or a lesson. I feel a blessing in the air. I feel that love is in the air. I will keep my head outside of the window so that the gusts of fresh loving air can gently smug my face.

When you don’t seek and don’t expect, things are coming to you when you least expect them. 

Life is a beautiful journey with many shades ??

Enjoy and appreciate each of them. Enjoy life ?

With love,

Marta ??


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