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Energy of work


Why the 9 to 5 job will not work for many of us or perhaps in the future for none of us?

As humans, we are cyclic beings. It means that each person has its own natural cycle and is tuned with the cycle of Nature in its own unique way as well. Most of people are not aware of their true nature as this is not what we have been taught at school. We have rather been thought that we need to follow the same system and rules. The same system, which makes each person to lose its uniqueness.

9 to 5 jobs are most likely the reflection of our education system, meaning the early age programming, that we need to follow the same path, rules, without a space for embracing individual needs and gifts, for the falsely created common good.

Each person is unique, with unique needs, talents, gifts, lessons to learn and surely will not match with all people and that is ok.

The key is to truly know and understand yourself, to remove those onion layers that were put by others, societies, all the external influences, because only then each person can know what is best for them and would be able to match with others like-minded people and create together.

This refer to all aspects of life, including work.

If you work in 9 to 5 job because you like this rhythm and it serves you well, it is great. However, if you do it only because you have to, it create stress, frustration and all of this blocks your creative energy flow. 

I see and feel things at the energy level and 9 to 5 job is just a great example of how the energy could be blocked. It certainly does not work for me.

If most of people in the city start work at 9, we all experience traffic jams before 9 and the same goes when they get back after 5. If people work Monday to Friday, all leisure and nature places are full of people, crowded and therefore not really pleasant during weekends, because it is “the only time” they can relax. If  vacation time is summer months only (in most of the countries in the world I guess), it is exactly the same, all places are crowded, holiday cities build unnecessary airports, destroying Nature, because they need to be able to receive tourists in 3-months period of time and the rest of the year, the airports ar almost empty, but need to be maintained of course and that is a huge cost. The cost that we all pay.

It all happens when we work against our nature. We work against our nature only when we don’t know it.

We need more flexibility and creativity as well as understanding what is best for ourselves at work. 

Though, when we do what we love, we are in a flow. Yes, we do need to some frames, but that is very individual. 

When I have my flow, I can work all day. Other days, I need to regenerate and relax and then again ideas start to come to me and when they do, I can take actions again. This is how we can work more effortlessly instead of creating fake frames, which only limit our flow.

Yes, stiff frames limit our flow and when they limit the flow of creativity, they also limit the flow of money. That is a material for another post.

Do you know your flow? ?

With love,

Marta ☯️


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