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I came to Greece without a specific plan, “only” with the vision of building a healing village, but that appeared to be slightly different from initial idea. On the other hand, who knows what the future will bring…

I just had some places I wanted to visit or was advised by friends to visit and so I just followed my journey, step by step. One of such places was Delphi.

I didn’t know much about it, so I just read a little before going there and just open myself up to exploring the sites. 

There were two information that caught my attention strongly. 

First one was a story of Pythia, which was the Oracle of Delphi, a seer to which people, rulers and kings were coming to get insights about their future and possible outcome of their actions.

Second was the myth of Omphalos (the navel), which according to Greek mythology was considered to be a centre of the World. Once Zeus released two eagles, one to the west and second to the east and the place they were about to meet, would be considered a centre of the World. Two eagles met in Delphi and for this occasion the Omphalos was made in a form of stone statue. The centre of the World was also considered in ancient Greece to be a place where Heaven meets the Earth.

Omphalos-the centre of the World

My first day there was just exploring the neighbourhood as it was already a little late to visit the sites, but therefore I just had amazing time admiring the nature around, it was really magnificent and the view from my small hotel was just breathtaking. One of my observations was that in the past times, there must have been a river flowing there! The hills look exactly like the v-shape river valley. Also, what I observed while learning about the sacred sites, it was common for them to be located as such. I am sure being close to water was one of the indicators for the location of such place. Perhaps all elements to be present and in harmony. But also for practical reasons as well.

River valley?

It was also the time of the Full Moon, 2nd September 2020. I found it pretty amazing, even though it was not a conscious part of my agenda for visiting Delphi on that specific day. But as we know, everything happens for a reason. I made some rituals feeling the magic of this place.

The next day I started the site visits. I really like travelling alone because I can be focused on the place and really feel it, instead of being distracted by the talking 😉 well, that could be also nice, but sometimes we could miss some of the experience while being distracted.

I was climbing up to the main site, the Apollo temple on the hill. The road is just leading up, through various parts and ruins of the whole Delphi complex. While going up, I started to feel very strong, extremely strong current, like an electric impulse in my jaws. It was not a one time feeling, it was getting stronger and stronger while I was walking up. I stopped for a moment in a flat place, just to move my jaws a bit as I had no idea what it is about. I was standing next to the tree, the place looked like a small terrace. I turned my back and just behind, I saw the Omphalos! I came close and the electricity in jaws became even stronger. That was a very strange feeling. I started to walk up as I was going further from the Omphalos, the impulse got weaker. And again, as I was going back down and walked next to the Omphalos again, it started again. It was an amazing experience, which I have never experienced before. But it happened again…

It happened again, the same electrical impulse running through my jaws in Crete, very close to the place where I stayed. I also learned from the local holistic healer that the place where I stay has got very good energy. I guess I felt it as after two days there, I knew I want to spend more months here and so I did.

All these experiences where also very connected to my interest of meridians of the Earth, which I started to study and learn about as well. One information leads to another, it is so fascinating how everything is connected. How places on Earth are connected. How myths and legends are alive within us or perhaps they were once a reality. Ancient civilisations and their wisdom are surely within us, within our bodies and waiting for deeper understanding to create wise and loving experience on the Planet.

With love,

Marta ???



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