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DAILY HABITS- What makes you happy?


What makes you truly happy? Do you know that about yourself? What makes your heart and Soul sing? 

I am not talking about the compulsive pleasure seeking which only brings a very temporary sense of gratitude. Such compulsive seek of immediate gratitude brings a short satisfaction, like an adrenaline shot, but after a while leaves you depleted. Depleted means energy drained. This can be anything such as compulsive eating, shopping, random sex and many, many more. Compulsive means the pleasure is here and now, but there is no true meaning behind the action, no true value. No long term genuine satisfaction.

What makes you happy in the long run, is actually what has meaning for you. It has meaning for you, because it is what your heart and Soul needs. Your heart and Soul always knows best what is healthy and good for you. As well as your body, it knows and it gives you signals, if you are open to listen. It is through your body that you feel what makes you happy and healthy and your heart and Soul leads the right way for you. The job for your mind is to figure this out on a logical level in order to take the appropriate action.

Your happiness and health is something that you create for yourself with every day actions. With all these small things, the puzzles of life which create the image. The image depends on the puzzles that you put in place.

If you don’t know what makes you happy and healthy, what picture for yourself do you create?

Just before I left Poland and started my new journey, I made a list of the things I want to do. I knew I needed all these things to make myself happy. I wasn’t thinking too much of them, just sat down and wrote them down. Because this is how I started to imagine my life. By doing so, because I felt such a need I believe I also committed myself to do all these things. All of them are now a part of my life and because it is a lot them, I mix them like a DJ 🙂 depending on my current needs. And that is why I call them ‘Daily habits’, because they are all a part of my daily life, even if I don’t do all them every single day and even if I still have some small sins (like sweets ?).

Another of my list is walks in Nature. I need them like the air the breath, as actually this is very literal, Nature gives the air to breath and by being in Nature, we connect with ourselves, we are free from the noises of the city and others. Nature is our nature.

What makes you happy, makes you healthy and what makes you healthy makes you happy. One is connected with the other. When you do what makes you happy, your heart beats more powerfully. Your heart is highly powerful magnetic field you could ever imagine. When you do what you makes you happy, you fuel your heart with the energy of love and yet create more love on the Planet.

So, what makes you happy? ?

Would you like to share it in the comments? ?

With love,

Marta ??



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