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Another important part of my life is food, because I am aware how important it is for my health and wellbeing.

We have been living fast pace for decades and as we got used to such a fast pace, we want everything to get fast for us as well. But Nature does not work this way. Nature has its own rhythm.

We grow food and animals fast by using chemicals, hormones, antibiotics and who knows what else. 

We forgot that we are what we eat. Not literally, surely we are not becoming an orange, but the orange become a part of us, a part of our system. If the orange that you buy in a supermarket has got muld on its skin after few days, you can be sure, it has been treated with chemicals badly! Just for the fast growth and higher income of the seller but surely not for your health. 

It happened to me and I stopped buying oranges that place. Same as many different foods.

Moreover, on the energy level, whoever is treating food an animals as such is making an act of violence towards Nature and yourself. So we could also say, that we eat the energy of violence.

The food we eat may support or completely damage our immune system. Chemicals surely do not support it. They destroy our natural immune system, they distort our guts as well.

Our guts are our second brain or actually I would even say it is the first one. It is the centre of incredibly complexed nervous system, more complexed than the brain and receives and interpret a lot more signals that the brain.

If our guts are toxicated by the unhealthy, chemical food, how can you receive and interpret the signals of your guts? You cannot, because they don’t work as they should and could. Your body does not work as it could and should.

Do we really know what we eat? What we are being sold in the supermarkets, stores, fairs? I have no idea.

Here, where I live, I do my best to buy food from farmers who grow their food organically. I can trust that what they say is true. But for some products I still go to supermarkets and try to choose consciously, also using my guts. Surely, not everything in supermarkets is toxic. There is a lot of good food there, but still a lot of things to change, eg. plastic usage.

I don’t buy supermarket organic fruits and vegetables wrapped in plastic anymore. Firstly, because I try to avoid plastic as much as I can. Secondly, the last time someone bought apples for me wrapped like that, they were all rotten inside- even though outside they looked great. What a trap, isn’t it?

For our good, health and for the good of the environment, I believe we should be more and more conscious and selective about what we buy and eat. 

Food keeps us alive, but what live do we live by eating toxic food?

With love,

Marta ???


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