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Dears, I would like to invite you to a little experiment, if you are willing to.


As you see this post, the first thing that gets your attention is the image, the picture of the painting, the visual aspect, and you read it next.

Before you read further, I would like to encourage you to read this first part, have a look at the painting and then continue reading.

I would like you to recall the first impulse, thought, association, feeling, or sensation in your body that you experienced while seeing the image.

Please do not write whether you like the picture or not, whether you find it nice, not at all. I know that someone who is into the techniques of painting might evaluate it accordingly. But this is not the point. I paint intuitively and it is just about the message perhaps the technique will come over time. For now, I can see that I am losing my flow when I try to focus on technique. So I leave it as such.

It is about what you feel, and what happens within you. This is what I would encourage you to explore.


A palm leaf has been showing up in my head for some time. I wanted to paint it on a cabinet which I am renovating and I saw it as copper-colored. Before I did that, however, I decided to practice painting the leaf. I painted a copper leaf on a piece of paper, and this led me further because it was also then that the idea was born within me to create this separate side of artistic expression. I absolutely wanted to have a leaf in the logo — the way it was displayed in my head.

And so I started drawing it, surrounding it with a circle. I have already learned that the creation lasts and until I feel that something is ready, I leave it and let this creation mature, even the tiniest one. I drew a few logos, but I still felt that this was not it. In a day or two, I came back to it, I drew again. And the logo was created. It was a few days after I painted the picture that this text is about.

I mention it because it all comes together, because as you will notice, the logo is drawn with crayons and the brown color symbolizes copper in this case (this is my new fb page). So, back to the picture itself …

The leaf in my head in the background of the sun was constantly showing to me, in fact for a long time, and even the photo in the background of my fb page is with a palm and sun. And it’s not about holidays;)

I just wanted to paint such a leaf, not knowing why at all. I felt some kind of nudge as if something pushed me and made me paint this leaf. The canvas I bought was the biggest one I had painted on so far, so I wanted something nice to come out of it. Palm leaf against the sky with the sun shining through the branches. When I was buying canvas and oil paints (because it is my first oil paint;)), I asked about gold paint, and my friend showed me the gold paint and said he also has copper. Immediately my heart beat faster (I know, sounds crazy; p). Without hesitating, I said, “I’m taking copper!”

Copper is inextricably associated with antiquity, it played and continues to play a significant role in humanity. Copper has been following me for a long time. I even have a copper-colored bike, just like Greek soil in many places …

I started painting with a copper stem — unfortunately, the photos do not reflect the beautiful shine of copper, but well. Later, the green insets of the leaves, meanwhile the sun in the background. At first, the leaves were pointed and somehow I didn’t feel it, so later I ruffled them. I felt a certain tension while painting. I continued to paint, however, until I finished and I didn’t know if I was satisfied with the effect, because there was no sky, only leaves and sun, and yet the sky was supposed to be there, right? But I left it that way because I felt that it was supposed to be like that after all. I was cleaning brushes, paints and the whole stand and looked at the painting from a distance. During that one look, something pierced me because the word fire came to me. Just when I looked at this picture from a distance, I saw a leaf sagging from the blast of heat, I felt hot at that moment, but I thought to myself that no, that’s not possible, I know that fires in Greece often happen in summer (and it was August and very hot weather), but I had not heard of any fire and immediately thought that I hope there will be none. The head rationalized and wanted to calm me down this time.

The painting dried up, and sometimes I was walking around and looking at it. I can’t put it into words, but I felt something very ancient and primal looking at this leaf. I will not mention that whenever I drive a car somewhere in less built-up areas, especially on islands, and I see buildings with palm trees next to them, this image makes my heart burn, which I cannot even describe as if my soul knew it and remembered it perfectly. This leaf also started to evoke such emotions in me, more pictures, even memories, began to come to me, but these memories are for another story.

This first impulse and the word fire are important here. Sometime after painting the picture and not thinking about it anymore, I came across an article on the web about another fire in the Amazon. The date of this article coincided with the date when I painted Copper Leaf … tears ran down my face, I felt anger, rage and helplessness, and at the same time fear for the future. I immediately felt that what this image tells me is information about what happened and is happening in the Amazon. Yes, we are capable of receiving such information from a distance, as evidenced by the discoveries of quantum physics, which, in my opinion, also has a deep relationship with feminine energy within us.

I started reading more and it turns out that this year the number of fires has increased by 17% and the burned areas are equal to 11,000 football fields! I can’t even imagine it. I couldn’t stop crying and every now and then this feeling was coming back to me. Everything started to flow deeper through me and even more information began to flow.

One thing is for sure, it cannot be continued like that, we cannot allow destroying the greatest treasures of nature, which are our body and home at the same time. Who is to blame for this? Governments? Corporations? Farmers? Smugglers? Each of us? Maybe a bit of this and that, I don’t know, but I know one thing. It is easy to destroy, but it is difficult to rebuild. I also know that when we are disconnected from nature, that is both from Mother Earth and from the femininity within us, we do not feel ourselves or nature, or when it is destroyed. The balance is disturbed and it is very difficult to regain it. Everything is connected, absolutely everything.

One spark can ignite the consuming fire as well as one spark can light up consciousness. We choose how to use fire.

This, of course, is not the end of the story, neither about palm trees, nor copper, nor ancient messages, nor about nature, nor about sacred feminine energy.

When I draw, paint, and write, I feel as if portals are opening up and more information is flowing through me. Some of them come back some from some time back and now I trust them even more, some are new and I explore them further because they always lead me to new discoveries.

Perhaps they will also open something within you and you would like to share a word, feeling, your creativity? We are connected by the invisible threads of consciousness and we constantly exchange information with each other in various ways. Sometimes visible and sometimes invisible. We weave the world together.

Let’s weave something beautiful 🌍

mARTa_Inspired by Nature 🌿

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