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Most of us probably heard this word. What does it actually mean? Let me paste the first internet definition from Wikipedia, which I just deeply agree with:

"Katharsis (Greek purification) - release from suffering, release blocked tension, suppressed emotions, bound thoughts and ideas.

Aristotle is considered to be the creator of the concept of catharsis. He described the catharsis experienced by actors and viewers after the completion of the performance.

The elements from which catharsis purifies beforehand are subject to the control of defense mechanisms, ego, or social control (personalities of the individual); purification of the soul through artistic sensations, sensations in art. First of all, the mental complexes that disrupt the functions of the ego and disturb the consciousness are released.

The experiences analogous to the description of Aristotle are recognized by psychology after the act of sacrifice. Also, an act of a victim with the use of violence, performed on an object selected by the community as a scapegoat. "

Art undoubtedly performs various functions at the level of the individual and society. Art takes many forms: writing, painting, drawing, sculpting, architecture, creating forms, music, poetry, movies, performances and more. It is a part of the cultural heritage and the entire civilization and it manifests itself through the various forms mentioned above.

It can also be said that each community, each culture has its own unique form and message, which can often be noticed when observing artistic expression of society. In every individual and culture, there are unconscious patterns and mechanisms that are released to the surface with the help of artistic expression, thanks to which both the individual and the collective can experience purification.

Art evokes various emotions in us, i.e. the logical mind reaches beyond itself, because emotions are not logical and very often it is the ego, i.e. a part of the logical mind, that prevents access to deeply hidden emotions, for various reasons - personality protection, fear of pain , fear of the unknown.

Art in these various forms reaches various depths of our soul. The beauty and multidimensionality of art lies in the fact that everyone interprets the message in their own personal way, depending on what the message moves within.

However, what is important from my perspective is also to realize at the individual and collective level what the cleansing is about. Merely releasing emotions is only part of the process. Without realizing and changing patterns, catharsis can go on forever and lock us in a vicious circle.

Art can also inspire, but more on that another time….

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