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Selling is a relationship

We build relationships in various aspects of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not.

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Femininity within Us

The feminine within us, the feminine energy, is in each of us in different proportions. Usually in women, it is the dominant energy, but not always.

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Most of us probably heard this word. What does it actually mean?

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Self-suggestion and heterosuggestion - Programming

'Auto-suggestion’ means influencing yourself with specific purposeful thoughts and images. Self-suggestion, like any tool, can help when used correctly or harm when used incorrectly.

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Soulful work and soulful business/ Praca z duszą i biznes z duszą

A work with the soul is a work in which you use your full potential.

Praca z duszą to praca, w której korzystasz z pełni swojego potencjału.

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Seed- a story of abundance

Life has been a mystery for ages and still is.

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