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System teaches you to lie

A while ago I had an interesting experience with the System. By System I mean the bureaucratic structures, which is anyway what we create as humans.

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Pegasus and Andromeda

Few months ago during my Cretan period, I had a very unusual evening. I was sitting on my small and lovely veranda and petting my dog.

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Message from jellyfish

I came to the beach today, the last day of my longer weekend and I started to settle in.

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Facing fears

Every big change in my life since the last few years is proceeded with an incredible mixture of emotions.

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Δεν ξερό- Living with your heart

Someone told me lately that life driven by heart and Soul is not an easy path and not so many choose it. 

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Small changes- big differences

We all know we need to change and very often we don’t know the way, or perhaps even if we know the way, we are still using old ways to get to the New.

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