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The Universe works for you

I arrived to the Island on Thursday and my initial plan was to stay until Monday. Already on Saturday I knew I want to stay longer, at least one more night.

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Amethyst around the corner

I love minerals, gems and stones, I have a wide collection of them, I make elixirs, I mediate with my minerals and they simply are to calibrate my space and raise the vibrations.

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Love, pain, responsibility and trust

When you are on your spiritual path, one of the basic things is personal responsibility.

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System teaches you to lie

A while ago I had an interesting experience with the System. By System I mean the bureaucratic structures, which is anyway what we create as humans.

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Pegasus and Andromeda

Few months ago during my Cretan period, I had a very unusual evening. I was sitting on my small and lovely veranda and petting my dog.

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Message from jellyfish

I came to the beach today, the last day of my longer weekend and I started to settle in.

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