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Another important part of my life is food, because I am aware how important it is for my health and wellbeing.

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Daily habits- water

One of my daily habits I have incorporated in my daily life is improving the quality of drinking water.

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Daily habits and routines

Our daily habits shape our life. Our life consists of all these little actions we take every day. As our daily little habits shape our lives, they can also change it. For the life you want. 

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Birthday little surprise

Last weekend I made my birthday party. Previous birthday I spent by myself, because I was in Crete, in a new place and I didn’t really know people.

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The future of work, stress and self love

One thing is certain, the future of work is changing. It is changing because we feel that the way we have been working until now is simply not working for us. We have created a system which is no longer supportive for us but for some reason, we are still trying to fit ourselves in to this system.

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The title goes last “A cherry on the top”

Every time I am starting something, whether it is writing (and usually it is) or painting, working on my logo project or any other creative action, I often try to first determine the title, the label, something that would be appropriate to what I want to express and something that would determine the whole content.

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