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Sensual blend

I went to the Ayurvedic store to buy some incenses. Those that I had, finished at some point and I felt like need something to clean my space and also to change vibrations.

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Spirituality and business

I observe that there is a common belief that spirituality has nothing to do with business, that it is more likely connected with religion, some magical rituals and other esoteric stuff….

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DAILY HABITS- What makes you happy?

What makes you truly happy? Do you know that about yourself? What makes your heart and Soul sing?

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Another important part of my life is food, because I am aware how important it is for my health and wellbeing.

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Daily habits- water

One of my daily habits I have incorporated in my daily life is improving the quality of drinking water.

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Daily habits and routines

Our daily habits shape our life. Our life consists of all these little actions we take every day. As our daily little habits shape our lives, they can also change it. For the life you want. 

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