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“Sh***ing money”

I guess we all know this expression, Don’t know if it exists in every language, but for sure it exists in mine.

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Feminine aspect and corporate life

Corporate life has its rules. 

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As every Wednesday, I had my Reiki energy healing session. This is one of my ways to keep myself healthy and take care of my energy.

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Sensual blend

I went to the Ayurvedic store to buy some incenses. Those that I had, finished at some point and I felt like need something to clean my space and also to change vibrations.

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Spirituality and business

I observe that there is a common belief that spirituality has nothing to do with business, that it is more likely connected with religion, some magical rituals and other esoteric stuff….

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DAILY HABITS- What makes you happy?

What makes you truly happy? Do you know that about yourself? What makes your heart and Soul sing?

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