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Our perception is our reality

And not the other way around. We shape our reality from within and then we externalise it.

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The truth about chlorine and fluoride

I haven't been using fluoride toothpaste for few years now and since the last two years I avoid plastic bottled water as it contains fluoride and chlorine.

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Artificial Intelligence- security, responsibility, dangers, globalisation

As I already wrote a post about Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence- Take it or leave it), today I am even more concern, how dangerous it could be, if not used properly and when too much power and control is given to it.

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We have already been taught to discriminate others because of their skin color, gender, race, religious beliefs, social class, financial status, different opinions, the way we dress, hair color, just to name a few.

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Your truth

In the world full of chaos, which in fact we as humans create, the only thing we can do is to trust ourselves.

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How are we going to get to the The New Earth?

The New Earth (or as I like to call it, the New HeartH) is the high dimension reality of Unconditional love that is within you. It is within all of us. 

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