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Last weekend I made my birthday party. Previous birthday I spent by myself, because I was in Crete, in a new place and I didn’t really know people. This year I made a wish that I want to have a nice birthday party as I always liked to celebrate this special day with my beloveds. I’ve been here in a new city, Thessaloniki, for just few months and I met wonderful people here and I knew I want to celebrate with them. I was thinking of all the experiences I had during the last few months and how lucky I am to have met beautiful friends. 

I was preparing myself for the party, doing shopping, preparing the menu, cleaning, cooking and I felt such a gratitude for the life I have. 

I went to the store to buy some birthday balloons, candles, etc. I found a nice gold balloons- digits and I though it is just great! I found number 3 and number 9, but as number 3 was a much smaller size than 9, I searched for the same size as 9. The digits hanged on the pin from smaller to bigger sizes, so I started to search for a bigger 3, I found it and took it with me together with the 9. 

I was waiting for my friend in the evening who came earlier to help me with balloons. When we took out the balloons, I realised that I didn’t take 3, but 1…. I could not believe that! I was sure I was browsing a pin with number 3 digits! Well, ok, luckily I had enough candles to have this age accent somewhere anyway 😉

My friend said, that perhaps 19 is also important, and actually, I realised that it was or it is… According to my astrology/ numerology, the new 19 year cycle begins. So, ok, it was a bit funny though. 

Other friends started to come and at some point, one of my couple friends came with a package of stuff and guess what they brought? Together with a wine, there were the same golden digit balloons, the 3 and the 9! I was just amazed! 

The right things will always come, more likely when we least expect them 🙂

So be it! ?

With love,

Marta ??


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