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Author: Marta Kusiak

Selling is a relationship

We build relationships in various aspects of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not.

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Femininity within Us

The feminine within us, the feminine energy, is in each of us in different proportions. Usually in women, it is the dominant energy, but not always.

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Most of us probably heard this word. What does it actually mean?

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Copper Leaf

A palm leaf has been showing up in my head for some time. I wanted to paint it on a cabinet which I am renovating and I saw it as copper-colored.

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MEDUSA- collective messages from the Spirit

I keep receiving messages from the Spirit. It is just so powerful how this works and I am always using my discernment to pass the right message.

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Medusa- messages from the Soul

Drawing and painting help me to connect with my Soul and Spirit, with the All-knowing field, and get messages that I need for myself or perhaps even for others.

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