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Atlantis memory


The memory of the Atlantis civilization started to raise within me strongly right after I entangled myself at least energetically and mentally from my job and relationship (you can read more about this in this post here). It was June 2020 when it all started very strongly. There were a lot of thoughts coming to me before about want I want to do, what is my mission and for some reason I became Coach and Mentor and started my spiritual journey. Throughout the last few years, I have experienced many changes in my life, but still, it wasn’t what I really searched for. It couldn’t be for anything or for doing the same thing. I really needed a much deeper sense and meaning to introduce to my life, which I thought I had for most of it, but that was a totally different level. 

When I terminated my work contract, but still had to finish some work, I decided to take it more easy. And as I like travelling at my job and did it from time to time, sometimes even very often, I decided to work from somewhere beautiful and so I chose a place among the astonishing nature, where there were lakes and forests in Poland. Oh! There was one more reason for travelling to this particular place, it was still at the time when I thought I will stay in my country and after leaving the idea to live in the city I decided to search for a small house with the nice garden in that area. So I googled some advertisements and found one nice place which really attracted my attention. I decided to visit the place. Before I contacted the owner, I thought I would go there in advance to have a look at the neighbourhood and so I did. I thought it would be great to also work from there so I booked a longer weekend in the area. What a surprise I had when I realised that the small hotel I booked myself in was exactly on the opposite side of the road where the little house I was planning to see was! 

It was nearly three hours driving from my place, the weather was beautiful so I started this really pleasant trip. While driving, I was thinking a lot about what I would really love to do. I thought of creating a nice and beautiful place to live, not only for myself but also for other people. I had it all coming to me as a stream of thoughts. Full with details about how should the place look like, what people would be living there, how things should be organised there etc. A long before that I had some ideas to buy apartments and rent them out, I imagined how would I design them, how beautiful and harmonious would they be, but all this was simply to shallow and simple, I knew there is a lot more that I want do, that there is a deeper meaning, wider perspective than just simply being a landlady. Well, I had quite a wide experience in the real estate, so that looked like a natural thing, but it still wasn’t. When all these ideas started to come to me while being in the movement, I felt enormous joy in my heart and felt that this is a direction I want to follow, wherever it will take me. I spent a very nice long weekend combined with a little work in the small hotel located in the breathtaking nature. 

I also had some visitors when I sat on the grass and worked. The dragonfly started to fly towards me, spinning around like a helicopter (by the way, aren’t the helicopters inspired with dragonflies? 🙂 ) and at some point also landed on my stuff, right next to me. I tried not to move in order not to scare her away. It was a magical experience. I saw her (or others from her team) each day as I was there. As I talked to my friend about this experience, I have learned that dragonflies are messengers from the fairy world. 

I am very much interested in the knowledge of spirit animals, but I wasn’t aware of the dragonfly energy so I googled it and the first post I have opened with description had the following sentence which attracted my attention: „Dragonfly is a symbol of the rebirth of the old wisdom of Atlantis in the new cycle, a symbol of freedom, transcending beyond own boundaries”. This one I remembered the most because I had goosebumps while reading it. At that time I really didn’t know what that means, even though it resonated with me so deeply. 

The same evening I was browsing my facebook and one of the posts I saw was of like-minded persons who said that his dream is to build a settlement where people would live in happiness, that is all that he said and I immediately felt something joyful again and that this meant something for me as well. I felt like something was guiding me towards this idea.

I came back home and apart from the notes I made I decided to draw a sketch of the village. For some reason I started with the logo and drew a set of circles with some symbols inside and called it ‚Atlantis’ (don't know if it was the dragonfly’s influence or whatever else I have absorbed or was channeled with, but I felt it is the right choice). After that I decided to follow this idea and first that came to me was that the village must be on a circle plane as circle is a perfect figure (I was just in the middle of reading feng-shui book, hence the thought I guessed). Then I thought it should have seven circles like seven chakras and everything will be located in each ring according to the energy meaning of chakras and so I started. Between the rings, there should be water, like rivers or canals. The most outer ring was to provide food, so would be an agricultural ring as it relates to very basic needs of survival, second ring was with housing, but is also about the security and relations, third one was also under the influence of the second but as it was connected to emotions and creativity, I thought that theaters and other cultural areas, shall be placed there, then in the fourth and fifth rings relating to heart and expression, there were craftsmanship places, art galleries, exhibitions, museums, schools (but not like those we know 😉 ) and other education centres, including high science and technology and universe exploration centres, sixth ring in which in the first step I put 12 columns, but later I changed my idea to have the 12 fountains with gems and stones inside (until today I am not exactly sure what it means). Finally the seventh ring or rather a circle was a place to put a temple inside. In my logo and the first drawing I put Merkaba the meaning of which I was only partially aware. However later found out that it is a multidimensional journey vehicle. So I called this place „Atlantis”. I tried different names, even started with New Atlantis, but that was too long to fit my logo ;), Atlantopolis was on the agenda, as well as few others, but that was the only one that truly matched.

After I drew all this (just pencil drawings really nothing we could call a masterpiece ;), but the idea was there so I went to bed and fall asleep. The next day I woke up and started to search for information about the Atlantis. So I typed in the phrase in the browsers, clicked for images and I was completely shocked as there were images of Atlantis depicted exactly as I drew it on my paper sheet! Circle plane city. It’s hard to describe what I felt at that moment. I wasn’t really sure what it meant, I was just overwhelmed and didn’t really believe it was happening. 

I know that these days we can find everything in the internet and many people try to explain similar things by simply saying- it was probably found in the web, so nothing special. Well, I could also compare internet to a field of information, to a collective consciousness, the quantum where all the data and information are stored, but it only depends what you resonate with and what attracts you. Whatever that is, it might be important. There is also a lot of trash, so as in our physical world, as one is a reflection of another.

I shall add that I have never really looked for information about the Atlantis before. I am definitely not the one to say that I was chasing this since childhood, no I wasn’t. But I was always interested in extraordinary things. What was only in my mind in terms of Atlantis was that it is some legendary land which sank in the Atlantic Ocean probably between Americas and Europe as this were the only visualization I could recall from any of the pictures I could have seen in the internet ever. The sunk picture of the ancient city ruins.

So the moment I realized I possibly drew Atlantis I felt something I could not describe with words. 

Something changed at that very moment. And so my journey has really started, on another level.

With love,

Marta ???


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