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Artificial intelligence- take it or leave it?


Certainly, all the amazing devices are fascinating and it is very tempting to give them a lot of power or at least- tasks, especially those which we do not like. Such as: managing our schedules, clean for us, work in a warehouse, shop, factory, call center or anywhere else. Then, could even look like human and act like human, perhaps, on a first glance can even be a „better” version of human because of its amazing abilities.

But why do really need it? Or at least to what extent? And what does it say about us- humans?

Do we need it for us as a mirror of who we are inside? Of what abilities do we have? Yet, I think everything we create/ produce- in other words- bring into the material reality, is just a reflection of who we are within. Also in a positive meaning, it shows what we are capable of as humans. We tend to experience the reality by projecting it into the external world. But in fact, we have all these abilities within ourselves, just aren’t able to access them.

Artificial Intelligence is however mainly a reflection of our brain, which is a fantastic organ and surely we need it, however it is also driven by an ego, therefore, could be a tricky bastard. The fact is, that as humans, we use our brain only in a few percent range. Some sources say that for developed individuals it is 3% and for those who are higher developed, it is ca. 5%. Whatever that means.

I do believe, that we need technology, not only to make our life easier, more comfortable and joyful, but also to understand the reality around us better and deeper and for ecological purposes as well. Technology is wonderful as long as we use it for the highest good of all life forms. My only concern is, is it really the case.

How many technologies have been created and used by armies for the governments to run their wars?

How many technologies were and will be used to replace humans in different fields?

What if we are able to make any kind of work only with AI robots?

What will us- the humans do? Will we be needed?

Is the AI robot really better than a human? What is the most significant difference between a human and an AI?

The AI robot does not have a heart! Having no heart means no feelings, no empathy. It can probably pretend the emotions, because today’s science knows a lot about emotions, human behaviour, about human nature. We can analyse a lot. But what we are not able to create it having a human heart with its power and ability to feel and heal. Human heart is a Source creation.

We as humans connect with each other through our hearts. Our hearts connects us with our Souls and are also our portals to higher dimensional realities. AI is one of the possibility to experience multidimensional reality, but only externally, not from within ourselves.

AI is a self learning machine, but it only learns through algorithms created by human, a human driven by a brain, therefore is very logical and for many problems, I believe it can offer a proper solution. But it is not able to offer us feelings. We also don't know how AI is already influencing our own energy fields.

How many times have you experienced a telephone conversation with a mobile operator, while trying to solve a problem, you tried to go through the conversation with the AI machine instead of a person? I had it many times and I was never able to solve my issue. Because there was no-one on the other side with empathy and emotions who could tap into the conversation with me. This is always such a sad or even frustrating experience, at least for me.

Where is this thin line between our comfort and creating technologies which serve humanity and the Planet and using it to control and suppress us? Do we need a painful lesson to see this line? Or perhaps we are being given some clues which we don’t want to see?

Do you like the fact, that your computer, to give you access to some page, asks you whether you are a robot? And then you have to pick some pictures to prove that? How creepy is that?

There is one more important thing. The heart, again.

All what we do, create with our hands, is actually the creation of our heart, as our hands' palms are the extension of the heart chakra. It is the creation, the flow of the Divine, no matter if it is painting, playing music, handcrafting, cooking or even cleaning. Yes, cleaning can be very powerful and spiritual task. Especially when you do it with intention. Not only it is for cleaning your space, the area around you, but it is also an energetic cleaning of your own field, your aura. Because your aura is nothing less or more than your energy field.

Cooking- why in so many cultures cooking is the way to express love? Especially when you do things with your hands? You put your Soul, your heart through your hands, you put your love there and share it.

When we let the robots, machines and devices do the things for us, we might have the most perfect, ideal things, but they will be totally heartless.

Do we want to be perfect or do we want to be real?

Is this the reality we want to live in?

With love,

Marta ???


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