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As every Wednesday, I had my Reiki energy healing session. This is one of my ways to keep myself healthy and take care of my energy. For the last few years, working with myself on all levels: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical, helped me to heal and keep myself healthy and vital. I do believe that we have so much power within as well as all the answers we need and one of the most important things is to learn to trust yourself, before you take someone else’s opinion as your own. Yes, it is great to exchange and share, but it is also important to know yourself, your own truth and listen to your own wisdom. We all have access to it. It is just our decision to connect with it.

Almost always on my way back, I pass by a lovely store with crystals and press the button for daily message- a big circle board with crystal message of the day. I got an interesting one- Αποκαλυψη  (Apokalipsi). The arrow, however, almost turned into Εξυγιανση (exyngiansi), which I lately received 3 times in a row.

Surely, I take it is as a wonderful message for myself.

Another thing came to my mind as well. 

When I saw the word “Αποκαλυψη”, it was clear, without knowing the exact meaning, that it is apocalypse. But for clarity I put it into translator. I chose Polish translation and it gave me wider perspective of the meaning: revelation, manifestation, uncovering (PL: objawienie).

And to explain another word, the Εξυγιανση, it means: consolidation, connection, fusion. And because this message came across 3 times already and was pretty clear, I focused on the other one.

In particular, I thought- how many of us have negative connotation with the word “Apocalypse”? Just because very often it is presented to us, mainly through movies, stories, religious narrations and other sources, as the ultimate end, the end of the world, the catastrophe, the collapse etc. In some way, it may be a part of the truth, as also one of the meaning of this word is ‘uncovering’. When we start to uncover what was hidden, the end of the old paradigm, old programming looks and feels like a collapse, like the end of the world. Yet, for the revelation to appear, for the new to emerge, the old must collapse. Without letting go of the old, there is no space for new. It happens on all levels- individually and collectively.

Why do we fear then? Don’t we fear, because we have been programmed with the false meaning and we believe in what we have been told is the only truth? Or perhaps, because we don’t seek the real meaning of things deep enough and blindly trust what we are being shown and taught. One is actually connected with another in a way and surely fear have many faces, yet, they don’t need to be real.

We also fear of the unknown and the new is always unknown. But it may be more beautiful than we could ever imagine, so perhaps there is no reason to be afraid?

What is your revelation today? 

What have you learned about yourself or the world? 

Do what you see and hear is always real?

What matters to you?

What new do you want to manifest in your life?

What old do you need to let go for the new to appear?

With love,

Marta ??


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