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Amethyst around the corner


I love minerals, gems and stones, I have a wide collection of them, I make elixirs, I mediate with my minerals and they simply are to calibrate my space and raise the vibrations.

Sometimes I am just being drawn to a specific mineral, because my subconscious knows what is needed for healing or balancing. And it was exactly the same this time. As I am in a breakthrough point I can feel, there is a lot of tension within me, some frustrations come as well as old wounds came to the surface. It is also a time of deep shadow work again, there have been issues I would never expect I could have within or still have! Some old patterns were just boiling within me so strong and needed to be released and healed. There is no other way than to go within, dive deep into the vast dark waters, knowing it won’t be neither pleasant, nor easy, but yet, necessary and liberating. Ego does not like that, but well, it is a part of the journey, so you just need to accept that, no matter how much ego tries to resist.

Recently I was thinking about three things to do: visiting a store with minerals, going to a famous and recommended place where they have best galaktomboureko (amazing Greek pastry, yum, yum) in town and visit one of the Churches in Thessaloniki. So, I found a store not far from my place, pined it on the map with a plan of going there in the next few days, same was with Church of Saint Dimitris and Galaktomboureko place. As the city is still new for me, I have no idea where these places where, just pined them and that was it, they were basically spread around the city.

Went to the city for some other issue yesterday and it appeared to be just next to another Church, a Church of Saint Sophia, but as I didn’t have enough time to visit it then, I decided that I will come again later. Went back home, did what I had to do and after a while I decided to go to the Church and to take myself for galaktomboureko. It was a very emotionally intensive day, so I needed to visit some sacred place, even though I am not a religious person in a traditional way of thinking, I still believe in sacredness of some places as such and their vibrational level as usually they are built in the energetic cross sections, also they often held perfect symmetry which makes their vibrations high. And in this case, I also liked the name, Sophia, the Great Mother, the ever knowing Mother, Sophia means Wisdom, so I felt this would be the right place. 

So I drove again, tried to park my car on the street, which is usually a challenge in my city, first spot was not the best, so I found another, just few meters further, went out of the car, closed the door and looked at the store in front of me. It was a beautiful store with gems and minerals! Not the one I found before, but even better! One mineral immediately caught my attention, it was the heart shape carneol. And trust me, it is the one I actually needed! I needed it to heal and balance my sacral chakra and carneol was one of the very few I though about. Great, I decided to visit the store on my way back from the Church. I spent a while in the Church just sitting, praying, lighting candles to make wishes come true and I left. Just as I left I also checked where is my galaktomboureko place and guess what? It was just few meters further from the mineral store! All three places I needed appeared to be almost on the same street within a 100 meter radius! 

So, first stop was the gem store. I looked at the carneol, checked two, the one the caught my eye and the other shown by the lady in the store, but I felt that the first one was exactly the one, so I took it, as well as the little citrin. 

What was interesting as well, there was a big wheel in the shop window and outside of the store, there was a button you could press. The lady explained that you just press the button and the wheel stops at the certain mineral name with the message, message of the day. So I went out to press the button. It stopped at the amethyst, one of my favourite minerals! The message of the amethyst on the wheel was: TRUST. Just one word and so powerful for me that day. It is sometimes so difficult to trust, but I know that this is the only thing what is best for me. All is well and going in the right direction, no matter how messed up it may seem or how difficult it feels. And no matter the outcome is going to be, I know it will be right, exactly right for me, for my Soul.

It will all make sense soon, I know and I trust. I trust the message from amethyst.

With love,

Marta ???


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