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ACTIVATION CODES- channelled on the 5th of February 2022


Today I saw in my meditation a pyramid with Merkaba above it. The Merkaba was shining with incredibly strong white and golden light. I felt it like the activation of codes. This was the message that came across.

Then I saw a human being surrounded with light and with the light shining from within. The human was in a sitting position, kind of like hanging in the air, there were colors around: purple, blue, violet, gold, white. The human being was created from numbers and sacred geometry patterns. I understood that each human being has got its unique pattern, containing many different numbers and geometrical shapes. This is the individual ancient code. 

Through this code, when activated, human being connects with the Source and download information from the Higher Consciousness, the Field. I saw it as a rain of numbers flowing down as through the funnel to that human being. I got the information that every human being with activated codes may download specific information from the Higher Consciousness, which are aligned with its code. And by deciphering this information, creation starts.

Only when the human being is connected with Higher Self, its unique code might be activated. Once it is activated, the information from the Field flows freely without distractions of lower frequency vibrations. 

The information that flows shall bring what is needed for others and the planet.

Every human being who is to activate the codes, shall bring New Earth into manifestation. 

These ancient codes connect human beings with the wisdom of the Universe, the Field, Higher Consciousness if you will. Without activated codes, human beings are not in alignment and therefore without balance. 

Ancient sites contain these codes and they are being activated.

Human beings who are already connected with the Higher Self are being activated as well.

All is connected. All is vibration.


With love,


Source: Adobe Stock, author: Space Wind

Main picture source: Adobe Stock, author: IgorZh


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