Who Am I?

I am a Consciousness which decided to experience this amazing life as a human being on Earth.

Yet, as we born, we forget who we are until we start to feel the nudge to remind where we come from and what are we here for. So, I felt this strong nudge, I heard the call and I followed that calling. I started my journey.

My name is Marta, I was in born in Poland in 1982 and lived most of my life there until my Spirit whispered to me to go and discover other place to live, meet new people, learn new things, languages, habits and much more than I though. I've also always loved water and at this stage of my journey I felt I need to move somewhere close to water, ocean and as my journey was unfolding, later on I realised why. I discovered that water is a messenger of God.

I strongly felt that my Soul wants me to start my new life from the scratch, from zero. To create it completely new, in new environment, with new people, new experiences. That was a deep dive, without knowing any details of my journey, except for the few months plan to rest and retreat. I felt that this is what my Soul needs now to grow. I could have stayed in my country and continued my business career, in my comfort zone, but I knew I would have been unhappy. I couldn’t see any truly fulfilling perspectives for myself, so I followed my heart and Soul, because that was not a decision that came from a rational mind. I trusted my instincts, my intuition and my guidance. I am making one step after another

So, here I am in Greece now and from that part of my journey I share more details with you at my Blog.

My business background is in fashion, retail and commercial real estate, altogether more than 15 years in different positions, mostly as manager, where in all of those places I gained wonderful experience, learned and discovered my skills, met fantastic people, travelled a lot and was able to provide a good life for myself.

I call myself a Shaman, because I know how to heal myself or where to seek healing. I call myself a Magician, because I  am aware of the fact that I create my own life and I take responsibility for it and I am a Channel Medium, because I am connected with the Field and my Guides, who channel through me for the greater good. At the end, these are all just labels, but our mind likes them to some extent and even if you could think, it is just my ego, perhaps it is, but as a person coming from Poland, the country, where usually we have lower self esteem instead of believing in our true beauty, I let myself to put these ego labels here :). In spite of them, I am an infinite student of Life 💚.

Few years ago, being hardly pushed by different life circumstances (in my case, it was a painful relationship end, because my biggest Soul growth comes through relationships), I started to search a deeper meaning of life and solutions to my problems which I was not able to understand and that became to be the most fascinating journey I could take myself on. A journey to mySelf, which from my perspective is the best journey you could take yourself at!

I did that all parallel to working in business as I was so determined to understand my life and the surrounding reality on another, deeper level. Everything started with one book- Coaching Tao and then it started to fold piece by piece. My deep inner process begun with Business Mentor certification, then Business Coach certification and both appeared to be deeply life transforming processes, as they were really not just about business, they were about discovering the Self. Truly speaking, you cannot be different person in you “private” life and somebody else in “professional” life, but if you are, I assume it is difficult to connect one with another as nothing is separate, everything is connected. But as we tend to wear masks all the time and we perceive the reality through duality, we feel disconnected from one another and All that is.

All these processes triggered even more learning and searching and other courses and workshops were taken by me: Coaching Tao (transcendence coaching), Relations Coaching, Hypnosis, Dreams workshops, Breathing workshops, Supervisions with other Coaches, personal therapy, personal healing sessions, numbers of personality tests, numerology readings, just to name a few. All to get me to the now point, being truly on my Soul’s path. This is however a journey which never ends, simply because your Soul is infinite, which makes it the most beautiful aspect, there is always something to learn, to discover, to transform as we constantly evolve and change. We constantly get to know ourselves on different levels, interact with outside reality, which is on another hand anyway a reflection of our inner world.

During my process I went through many very difficult moments and breakdowns, painfully facing my shadow aspects, but I know that we are only capable to experience what our Soul is able to handle. It was all for my good, even though very difficult at some point.

Do I experience difficulties and pain now? Of course I do! Difficulties are the lessons which help our Soul to evolve. I know that my Soul likes to learn and often through difficult experiences, but now, when I can communicate with my Soul, I perceive those lessons less challenging and I trust that I can overcome them and evolve as otherwise I wouldn’t have experienced them. My Soul creates these experiences for me to grow.

Learning trust and surrendering to the process, including patience, are challenging parts of the journey, but along with practice, it all starts to come more and more effortlessly :)

My Soul is very creative and enjoy the most to tap into the big picture perception and observation. I feel the energy of the systems. I perceive reality through energy.

I also love dancing, playing and listening to music. I love spending time in Nature. I love riding a bike, have long walks on the beach or in the woods. I love traveling, meeting new people, eating good and healthy food. I love learning and discovering. I love to play with words and meanings, invent new names, designs, ideas, SOULutions. I love co-creating with others, to share and exchange experiences. I love…life!

Throughout my Greek part of journey I started to remember my childhood curiosity of ancient civilisations (which I have not developed at that time). I remember my first feelings and impressions when I saw Pyramids in the book. I felt that I need to go there! As I travelled around Greece, my memory of who I am started to awaken even more and I was attracted more and more by the ancient knowledge, sacred geometry, energetic meridians of the Earth and even deeper understanding of the energy, the reality. I also tapped into Devine Feminine, as my Soul was yearning to it. And most of all I discovered my ability as a Channel Medium and, ability to connect with the Energy Field and download information from higher dimensions in order to co-create this reality with others, with you.

I have also graduated “The Prediction X: Omens, Oracles and Prophecies” course (ways of predicting future in ancient civilisations) at HarvardX Online and ‘Sacred geometry in crystals' course at Jain108Academy.

What I have learned is to challenge the reality, challenge what I feel, hear and see as much as I challenge parts of myself. Our own perception is always limited by own operational system, but the reality is much wider and more diverse. It is multidimensional and as we perceive it mostly through our 5 senses, this makes us stuck in the 3D reality, where in fact, higher dimensions are much more subtle energies, which most of people are not able to sense, because of the 3D density.

I believe that without casting things in doubt, we are stuck in what we know, thinking that this is the only truth about the world, whereas perhaps, the answers we truly need are somewhere where we have never been before. But most of all, they are deep within ourselves, within us as multidimensional beings. However it always depends on us if we want to hear and follow them, follow the inner guidance, the inner voice and also to be open to other people’s perspective.

In my Blog I share different aspects of my journey in ways and words in which things were coming to me, but still I find it hard to really express what is within me, almost as my fingers could not follow the Spirit, so it is just a tiny bit of what I am able to transfer into words. I share the way I perceive and experience the reality, knowing that each of us have it’s own way of experiencing it, we are all unique. It is just mine and I respect that you have yours. We don’t need to agree, but we can always share. I believe this makes us rich.

In the Academy section I share scientific data and research as well as other sources which I find helpful and interesting for personal and collective growth.

My dream is to live in a world where people are happy, loving, compassionate and open-minded. A world where we all respect our Planet and all life forms. A world where we cooperate with each other, for the greater good and common goals.

All of us is needed, as only together we can co-create new reality, no one is better than another, we all have our talents that we came here to express and experience ourselves in the physical reality, to create New World together.

I would like to inspire you to make your life healthy, happy, beautiful and full of love and compassion. To be courageous in seeking and finding your own truth and follow your Soul path. To discover and trust that you create your own life and that only you have control over your life. By creating your own life as you want and need, you co-create with others better reality for all of us. It always starts with you, within ourselves.

When we understand that we are co-creators, we understand that everything that exists in physical reality has been created by us. As it has been created by us, it can also be transformed by us.

Make yourself at home, read whatever you want, have your own opinion, take only what you need and seek your own answers, seek you own truth, it is only within and unique to you. You’ve got all the answers you need within yourself!

The journey and creation always starts within.

Enjoy it, have fun and always trust yourself first 💚

Marta 💚💧🌍

Mission and Vision

I am a Soul with double mission. 

I am here to grow on a personal level and help others in their consciousness evolution journey. I am aware that my own energetic work that I do transforms mySelf and collective. 

In particular, my mission and vision is to bring balance of Divine Feminine and Masculine into our Planet as by bringing Feminine and Masculine into balance by cooperation, love and compassion, we overcome the nature of duality and our Soul can fully express itSelf and experience life, experience Unconditional Love. 

I am also here to support others to adjust to coming changes by channeling the energies of Higher Dimensions into physical, to inspire and support to consciously create our lives and create communities with shared values. Thus as we heal and grow we help our Planet to heal. Our Planet is our home. We need to take care of Her.


Love, kindness, compassion, responsibility, respect, ethics, freedom.
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