Who Am I?

I am a spark of Consciousness having a temporary human experience on this beautiful Planet Earth. Just as we all do.

My name is Marta, I was in born in Poland in 1982 and lived most of my life there until my Soul and the Spirit whispered to me to go and discover other place to live, meet new people, learn new things, languages, habits and much more than I thought and could ever imagine. I've also always loved water and at this stage of my journey I felt I need to move somewhere close to water and as my journey was unfolding, I was discovering it bit by bit, step by step, with a deep trust in my heart.

I strongly felt that I need to start my new life from the scratch, from zero. To create it completely new, in new environment, with new people, new experiences. That was a deep dive, without knowing any details of my journey, except for the few months plan to rest and retreat. I felt that this is what I needed to grow. I could have stayed in my country and continued my thriving business career, in my comfort zone, but I knew I would have been unhappy. I couldn’t see any truly Soul fulfilling perspectives for myself, even though I had absolutely no reasons to complain! So I followed my heart and Soul, because that was not a decision that came from a rational mind. I trusted my instincts, my intuition and my guidance.

So, here I am in Greece. But before I came here, a lot has been going on in my life.....

My business background is in fashion, retail and commercial real estate, altogether more than 15 years in different positions, mostly as manager and negotiator. I was managing big projects and assets, creating strategies, including planning and calculating financial aspects of the strategic projects. In all of those places I gained wonderful experience, learned and discovered my skills, met fantastic people, travelled a lot and was able to provide a good life for myself.

Yet, that kept me so much in masculine energy and I've always felt like I am missing something. I was missing the most important part of mySelf, my feminine aspect and so my journey got me to it again. Seven months spent on a Greek island, mostly with myself, were incredibly deep and transforming. I could never imagine that so much can happen within you when it seemed like not much was really going on. I've felt the inner peace and connection with something greater, something so powerful and infinite that I have never felt before. You can call it Quantum, God, Higher Intelligence, Source, Consciousness, All that is. Label is not important. What matter is this feeling. The connection. It is always there. I even have a little story about it here.

How it all started?

Few years ago, being hardly pushed by different life circumstances, I started to search a deeper meaning of life and solutions to my problems which I was not able to understand. I had another toxic relationship which ended with a terrible break up and I could not understand why was it happening to me again. Why I was making the same mistakes and getting myself in such painful situations. Additionally, the work I had at that time, became extremely stressful because of the toxic boss I had and I knew I won't be able to continue there. Just before the break up and my job loss, I felt it was coming and therefore my truth seek started few months before. I started to read books, articles and I made my Mentoring certification and Life and Business Coaching certification later on, which happened to be a beginning of my deep transformation journey. Just when I finished my first certification, I started a new job, which was exactly what I wanted at that time and what I realised a long time after I quit my last job, I even got the exact salary that I have set as a goal! I got even more than what I set as a goal as bonuses, nice company car, travels, more creative tasks and a promotion proposal. There was of course a lot of stress anyway, it usually is if you deal with big budgets, but surely that work was a great experience and a great comfort zone, so you can imagine that for some people it was completely strange decision to quit. But I knew it was the right for me and that working just for my own comfort and pleasure wasn't something that was fulfilling anymore. I felt that I am ready to help other people with healing themselves, reaching their goals and dreams and creating their financial freedom. Just as I wanted unconsciously since as a child.... I was born in a communist country and we never had a lot of money. Although my mom did everything she could to provide for us (me and my brother), I always felt worse than other children, because not only often we didn't have money for more than basics, but also because my father was not living with us and we had no contact with him. As I started my healing and transformation journey, I started to discover how my childhood, the society I grew up with, my family lineage and later as I was going deeper, my past lives, have shaped who I am today. I didn't have very serious diseases, but I was constantly sick, especially my throat, often taking antibiotics. I had also some feminine problems, which ended up with not very serious surgeries, but I believe that if I hadn’t started to work with myself, it would all come back again even stronger. At some point of my journey, my body was going through a deep transformation with a lot of infections, some of them were coming back like a boomerang. All the most painful patterns within me were coming out on the surface in this healing process. At some point of my transformation, I have also lost the sense of my identity. This was the most difficult experience I could imagine at that time. I didn't know who I am, I thought that either I will die or will get crazy. But also something inside me knew very deeply, that I will go through this. And I did. Today I know, that it was the total switch of the energies within me- from masculine to feminine first and then further in the process, integration of both. All the difficult processes I have been through, led me here to help others in their journey.

Reaching my work goals was usually pretty easy for me, because even though my family was rather poor, we were taught how to work hard. So this is what I knew and what I did. Working hard and reaching my goals has been the easier part of my journey. However, in spite of having a big family, I have never had a healthy example of a relationship in my family. Throughout my life, I was observing and searching what do I find to be a healthy relationship, I was learning through my own mistakes and still do, but on a different level now. But most of all, if I choose to be in the relationship it it because I want to and I feel it is right, not because I have to. I feel whole as a being. And you are whole too! Nobody should complete us, we are whole and loving already.

Since more than 2 years, I do not take any medicines and pills, except for supplements and occasionally pain killers when I have my period. I use natural cosmetics, I don't eat meat for more than 4 years now, but I always say, that I am not radical in any way and if it happened one day, that I would have nothing else to eat than meat, of course I will eat it! I don't stick to any ideology, I just like to live a simple and healthy life.

I eat simple food, having sweets also and my pizza as well from time to time, no extremes. I love long walks, I dance and do yoga. I connect with my loved ones. This is my way for a healthy and balanced life.


I realised that you can only love and accept yourself, when you are in deep contact with yourself, with every aspect of your being, the light and the darkness. When you know yourself deeply, you understand the reality on a deeper level as everything is connected and interwind.


Finally, I have started my own business to help other people in their journey.

We constantly get to know ourselves on different levels, interact with outside reality, which is on another hand anyway a reflection of our inner world.

As my Soul was healing and expanding, I started to access more of my gifts, which I believe we all do have in one way or another. For me personally it is channelling, clairvoyance and clairsentience. 

I do believe we all have access to these gifts and we access them through healing and expanding our consciousness.

I am passionate about the power of human mind and heart, ancient civilisations, traditional and ancient medicine, feminine and masculine energies, quantum physics, sacred geometry, ecology and nature, strategic thinking, economy, architecture. All that is connected with a deeper knowing of reality and its multidimensional character as well as creating thriving societies through empowering others and creating new systems.

I have a deep sense and understanding of subconscious mind on an individual and collective level and I am so passionate about discovering how an individual influence the reality, how society influence the individual and how both interact with one another. How everything interact with everything. We are all connected.

I love dancing, playing, writing and listening to music. I love spending time in Nature. I love riding a bike, have long walks on the beach or in the woods. I love traveling, meeting new people, eating good and healthy food. I love learning and discovering new things. I love to play with words and meanings, invent new names, designs, ideas, SOULutions. I love co-creating with others, to share and exchange experiences. I love creating beauty in every form. I love…life!

Being passionate about ancient knowledge and wisdom, I have also completed Scared Geometry in crystals course and Prediction X: Omens, Oracles and Prophecies- ancient methods of future divination at Harvard online.

I connect my spiritual abilities with business and goal oriented approach and combination of these, gives me interesting perspectives and helps to take appropriate actions. And I love empowering others to reach their fullest potential and to live the live they came here to live.

What I have learned is to challenge the reality, challenge what I feel, hear and see as much as I challenge parts of myself. Our own perception is always limited by own operational system, yet the reality is much wider and more diverse. 

I believe that without casting things in doubt, we are stuck in what we know, thinking that this is the only truth about the world, whereas perhaps, the answers we truly need are somewhere where we have never been before, out of our mind- the box. But most of all, they are deep within ourselves, within us. It always depends on us if we want to hear and follow them, follow the inner guidance, the inner voice and also to be open to other people’s perspective.

In my Blog I share some of my insights and perspectives. I share the way I perceive and experience the reality, knowing that each of us have it’s own way of experiencing it, we are all unique. It is just mine and I truly respect yours and I am curious of it. We don’t need to agree, but we can always share. And we shouldn't always agree, because this is how we learn and grow. We have different perspectives. I believe this makes us rich.

My dream is to live in a world where people are free and can decide of themselves, are happy, loving, compassionate and open-minded. A world where we all respect our Planet and all life forms. A world where we cooperate with each other. A world of freedom and responsibility- both, individual and collective. A world where we can be authentic as individuals and from that point creating healthy societies.

When we focus on what we have in common, we can build and grow. When we understand and respect differences, we grow even more!

All of us is needed, as only together we can make this World a better place, no one is better than another, we all have our talents that we came here to express and share with others.

When we understand that we are co-creators, we understand that the physical reality has been co-created by us through the Source. As it has been co-created by us, it can also be transformed by us.

Make yourself at home, read whatever you want, have your own opinion, take only what you need and seek your own answers, seek you own truth, it is only within and unique to you. You’ve got all the answers you need within yourself!

The journey and creation always starts within. Within you.

Feel free to join our Academy programs, to contact us for whatever reason you feel.

Enjoy it, have fun and always trust yourself first.

When you grow I grow. When I heal, you heal. We are connected 💚

All is One and One is All 🌍

I am grateful for letting me be a part of your journey 🙏

With love,

Marta Kusiak 💚💧🌍


List of Acquired Certifications:

  • Life & Business Coaching
  • Business Mentoring
  • Transpersonal Coaching- Coaching Tao
  • Transpersonal Coaching- Generative Hypnosis as a method in Life Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • How to be a successful educator: coach, mentor, tutor- Design Thinking approach
  • Sacred Geometry in Crystals
  • Prediction X: Omens, Oracles and Prophecies- ancient method of divination

Mission and Vision

My mission is to support and guide you in discovering your talents, skills, natural abilities, so to speak- to reach your fullest potential in order to create fulfilling personal and professional life, personal and financial independence. 

Independence, personal and financial, requires responsibility and combination of these gives you real freedom and a sense of your own power and self-confidence. It brings a sense of control over your life and helps you to make your dreams come true!

My mission is to help you creating fulfilling relationships.

My vision is to make our World healthy and beautiful by supporting others in their journey, co-creating New Earth together, co-creating sustainable societies, supporting and creating businesses that will combine that vision and that would be healthy for us and the Planet. 

Only together we can make this world beautiful again. 

We are One 🌍💚 


Love, kindness, compassion, responsibility, respect, ethics, freedom, authenticity, unity.

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