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A wonderful interview with Cate Montana about her book “Unearthing Venus”- a journey to the feminine, mentions the conversation with John Perkins and his interest and research about the Shuar tribe (the traditional amazon tribe of Ecuador, Peru and Brazil). Specifically, it talks about the gender roles within the tribe. These gender roles, the feminine and masculine roles were natural and clear and they worked in understanding and harmony, they worked with their strengths instead of fighting and focusing on their weaknesses. 

Women were equally represented in the tribe councils, which represents balance and different perspectives necessary for the tribe. 

According to John Perkins, only women could do one most important job within the Tribe. And this aspect was crucial for the survival of the whole Tribe. Both- women and men knew that and they respected and understood a larger context of their roles in society.

No, the job wasn’t about giving birth, it wasn’t about cooking.

It was about telling men when to STOP.

In its nature, masculine energy is a goal and action-oriented, aggressive, analytical, logical, order-oriented, expansive, and so on. This energy has an important role in the development and growth of societies. However, without access and connection with the feminine aspect, it gets out of balance and tends towards over-doing, dominance, destruction, overthinking, control, abuse. 

The feminine aspect in its nature is connected with the energy of Earth, cycles of nature, holistic way of perceiving, creativity, compassion, empathy, cooperation. Without a connection with the masculine aspect, it is not able to complete actions, create order and balance, it is unstable, insecure, manipulative.

When the masculine aspect is dominant in societies, when both aspects don’t cooperate and fight instead, the societies aim towards destruction. When the masculine aspect is dominant, it pushes forward without stopping and reflecting. It breaks the cycles of nature, by abusing it.

It is the feminine job to say when to STOP killing animals, overusing resources, fighting, controlling. When it is enough.

The masculine predicts and calculates based on logical and analytical thinking, the feminine feels and sees a wider perspective and consequences of actions, it feels when life is threatened. Because it is connected to cycles of nature, also life and death. 

We all have or are both energies- feminine and masculine. Each of us is feminine and masculine with our unique proportions of these energies within. Both energies are equally important and need to cooperate and work in harmony within us. When they work in harmony with us, they work in harmony within societies. 

When we understand the larger context of the genders, energies, roles- as referring to John Perkins story of Shuar Tribe, we understand that we need both, masculine and feminine to create harmony, peace, and cooperation. 

It starts within ourselves in a first step, in understanding our own unique energy, a way of being, relating with others and creating sustainable societies going forward.

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