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A path to my new life


Nearly 7 years ago I started to discover what the conspiracy theories are and at that time I think I read half of the internet. It took me a while as it really dragged me in, so many information and unbelievable stories. I started to fear and felt hopeless, like I had no influence on my life. So I quit that as something deep inside of me told me, it can’t be the only possible scenario, that I have influence. 

4 years ago I started my spiritual journey as I felt the urge to get answers to many of the questions about myself, about the world and about deeper meaning of life. This is also when I first did my Mentor certificate and Coach certificate a year later and many other courses since then. It wasn’t an easy process but worth every money, time and devotion. I really started to observe and experience changes in my life, of how I manifest it and what do I attract. How do I as a human being function in the physical reality and how the interaction between the world and myself is. The more I learn, the more I realise how much is still to be learned, but this is an amazing journey.

Almost a year ago I decided to quit my job, my business area (retail and commercial real estate) which I liked for so many years and which in many ways was a safe comfort zone, also financially. But I really felt my path leads me somewhere else and beginning of the pandemic situation last year was just a catalyst for me to finally execute this urge. To new experiences but didn’t really know what will that be. I just followed my inner voice. You can find some more posts about my journey here.

8 months ago I packed what I needed in my car, left other my belongings in the warehouse and quit the apartment I rented. The only keys I had at that time was just the car keys. I didn’t have my own apartment (for many reasons- but it is another story), so I could say that in some sense I was homeless ;). I wanted to go somewhere I haven’t been before, to a new place, where I don’t know anyone. I came to Greece, alone, just with some stuff in my car and a bike. Travelled around the continental Greece and finally came in Crete. I had some ideas which brought me there, but they have slightly changed as I have started to live my new life. I really dreamt of such kind of private reset, retreat, not doing anything special, being in a nice and warm place, eat good, healthy food and enjoy nature. I dreamt of it and I made this gift to myself. It has been the most amazing time, a self discovery journey. I was doing what I really wanted to, which I have to say, in most cases, where just simple daily things. I was experiencing a new way of living, more balanced, peaceful and closer to nature. A real village life, which comparing to huge city was totally different, yet exactly what I needed.

Because of the lockdown I couldn’t travel around as much as I wanted, but I didn’t mind that, I enjoyed a little house with the garden I have rented, close to the beach and near the mountain, enjoyed long walks on the beach with my lovely dog which I have adopted there and from time to time, a company of very few friends I met. I have experienced so much warmth and kindness from the people I didn’t know or barely knew, that I couldn’t ask for more. 

I cooked for myself what I wanted to, sometimes eating too much sugar (I know it is unhealthy, but this is my weakness- I love galaktomboureko 😉 ), nobody’s perfect :). I had time to read, learn, mediate, do yoga, dance but also to observe nature and myself, my emotions, thoughts, ideas. Or sometimes simply doing nothing. There were moments of incredible creativity and moments of frustration and difficulties. Yes, they were and they are. Even if you do what you dreamt of, there are moments of frustration. I have them when I feel I want to do something but don’t know what it is. These are the moments when I feel this deep inside, but my brain, my mind simply don’t follow yet, because I believe my heart and soul knows it sooner, brain gets the information much later. This is what my journey taught me. So I learned to let go.

What it taught me also, is- referring to first paragraph- what I read many years ago or even watched in some of the sci-fi movies, happen to become reality at some point, but most of all I know, that I always have a choice and that I create my own life, no matter the external circumstances. There is always a chance, an opportunity, a way to do what you really dream of and it is the best you can do for yourself. 

I believe life is all about this, being happy and to be happy, you need to create life for yourself. If you do, the Universe will support you, you will find the right people, places and opportunities.

Now, here I am at Thessaloniki, another part of my journey started just recently. Every change takes some energy, so I need some time to restore it, this is what I have learned as well. But now it goes a lot quicker, because I learned to listen to my body and to follow its needs, to get rest when I need and not to push myself.

Is it stressful? Yes, sometimes it is. For all this period I haven’t earned a penny and this is the first time in my life as such since I started to earn my own money. I am consuming my life savings and getting a bit stressed, but that was my decision so I am aware of the consequences. I could have stayed where I was, earning money as I did before, get a huge bank loan to buy a house or an apartment, but that was not what I wanted. I wanted to start everything from the scratch and so I do, step by step, I create my own life. My very simple new life, no fireworks, no luxury, but more authenticity, happiness, balance and what is most important- incomparably less stress.  

My dream now is to have have a family, have my own fully sustainable and ecological house- a simple one, a piece of land next to it, where I could grow some vegetables, fruits and herbs and I know it will happen one day. That is one of my dreams, a very personal one and I feel honoured I can share it with you. What my journey also taught me, is that we don’t need to know or even shouldn’t know how our dreams will manifest, we don’t need to know the details, as life would lost its magic if we did.

Another dream is to serve and help others to grow and raise their consciousness in order to create happy and healthy life.

The only thing I could say to you, is to follow your dreams, because life is happening for you and you create it as you want. Only you know what you want and what is best for you. The more healthy and happy you become, the quicker you manifest your dreams. It is worth every money, time and effort, because getting your dreams come true is creating your own happiness. When you are happy, your vibrations rise, when your vibrations rise, you make the world a batter place.

What are your dreams my friend?

With love,

Marta ???


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