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Heart's Way


We are shifting to a heart space and that this is the direction we are all heading, the Planet is. Whether all of us step into it, is another story, but I believe many of us will do.

Heart is a dwelling for our Soul, our Soul communicate with us through the heart and yet the heart is a powerful magnetic field.

You may have heard and read in many different sources and channeled information that in the new era, nothing what is fake, untrue and not aligned with the vibration and frequencies of the new world will exist anymore. All these old systems will collapse, all those which no longer serve humanity and the Planet. Both- within ourselves and without.

I truly sense the meaning of such expression with the core of my existence. Like the little things I sometimes describe, as they happen in my life all the time. I am very grateful that I can observe them and share them with you, so that you could also feel safe during the changes we need to go through.

Recently it came to me that I should start working consciously with my heart coherence. Usually things just come to me as signs in many different ways and I follow them, I listen to my intuition. And so I did this time, I started. I have done that with guided meditations at the beginning and with yoga practice being created from dedicated asanas. After all, yoga is all about uniting opposite aspects within us and the word „yoga” itself means Unity, but this probably you already know. The practice I did was dedicated to keep the heart open and strong back at the same time. Really powerful, I truly recommend it!

I also danced to open wider my heart chakra, also the dance came to me totally spontaneously while I was dancing at home. I played my favourite latin music and let the music got me. And so I was dancing making different moves, one move with chest pumping and opening started to be a light motive. I started to feel warmth in my heart after dancing like that for a while. It was such a wonderful feeling! I have noticed that my moves were very much aligned with the drums which I love! I do feel that drums are very grounding and connecting with Spirits at the same time, this is how it works for me, this is how I felt. So when I discovered that feeling caused with my spontaneous dance I recalled a card from one of my decks, which is called a Drum and which I have pulled a while ago in one of my readings, so I decided to check the meaning again. It said that according to shamanic traditions, drums are recognized as a tool for medicine, for healing and to direct will. A drumbeat may be hypnotic and send the listeners to alter state that can allow them to journey to the spiritual realms and meet their guides*. Guess, this is what happened to me and I was not even aware of it. When I dance I sometimes really feel like I was deeply hypnotized. It’s like a trans, truly fulfilling and raising experience! It happens for me to have thrills all over my body when I dance or to even cry, because of the emotions that arise within me. These are amazing moments!

But what is it all about? I was continuing to work with the heart coherence and the New Moon in Scorpio was approaching, which is my sign (at least mostly as I am highly influenced by Libra, on the day I was born part of the day belonged still to Libra and the rest of the day was already ruled by Scorpio). I guess the shift must have been significant as my fridge literally stopped cooling! And it happened exactly in the New Moon day, however, there were signs coming for the last previous days, I have noticed the fridge was not cooling as before, the food was warm and the smell wasn’t nice. Well, it wasn’t obviously a new equipment and perhaps I just slightly accelerated its ending…who knows…;) The Landlord immediately replaced the fridge with the „new old” one and for now it is still working, so let’s see ;). Wouldn’t like to cause too much trouble as a tenant who seems to break things ;), but on the other hand, maybe they just simply won’t do anymore. The old fridge had to go apparently.

When we are connected with our heart, we are connected with our Soul and all the puzzles which we all are, a small puzzles in the wide Universe, create a beautiful pattern and perfectly working mechanism. When we are all connected with our hearts, we are authentic and natural, we do not resonate with anything what is toxic, broken or destructive. We are healers. Let’s continue to open our hearts during this amazing shift right now. We will experience even more of  such crumblings, different types and on different scales as this is a natural consequence. This consequence is necessary as it really crumbles only these elements which are not serving us and the Planet anymore. Not serving the authentic truth, within ourselves and on a wider plane. Those which are harmful, dangerous and destructive- we don't need the anymore. All what needs to stay will stay, it would be all that is serving us and the Planet, is natural, loving and living.

With love,

Marta ???

* part of the description of the Drum card from the „Angels and Ancestors” Oracle Cards Guidebook by Kyle Gray. Love this deck!



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