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Δεν ξερό- Living with your heart


Someone told me lately that life driven by heart and Soul is not an easy path and not so many choose it. 

I do not mention that to seek flattery, but just because I could not agree more. At least at this moment of the Earth's transition. It is also a very exciting one, however you really need to have nerves made of steel to handle that and a huge portion of positive thinking, otherwise, it is not recommended. I know it is great to only see and hear about the beautiful part of that journey but as everything in life, its has its shadows, so it is better to be aware of them, otherwise you can be disappointed and this is not what we want, right?

Why it is not an easy path?

When you live your heart and Soul driven life, your life really teaches you to experience it here and now. Surely, when you start to walk on your path, the direction you are heading is already clear to you, you know what you want and what is your purpose and deep inside your heart you know it all, you feel the energy of it. But you have no idea how the details of your journey will unfold and therefore planning starts to be impossible. Well, at least the long term planning. You could and even should to plan only small steps. My time range is really a week maximum. There are different approaches to that, you will for sure find them and it is always up to you to chose and what works better for you. But if you truly want to follow your heart and Soul you need to prepare yourself for total surrender to life. And that is not easy either. Our mind wants to control every aspect of the reality, because this provides us a sense of security. That is of course an illusion, but our mind loves illusions, so it is just a perfect match and a trap at the same time. Our mind can only refer to what it already knows. That means the past experiences. If the mind knows past experiences, it can only create solutions to problems based on the ‚old’ knowledge. So we could also say that the future is created through the past. What could very often mean repeating the same mistakes. Or at least the same ideas, but I believe that what we all need now, comes from a totally different place.

When you get connected with your heart and Soul, you are actually connected with the Source and you get access to infinite possibilities of the Universe. Sounds great, Isn’t it? Sometimes it is and sometimes it is not. I believe I don’t need to explain the great part of multiple choices, that is quite obvious, thrilling and exciting. Your creativity is on such a level that you see potential in almost everything and solutions for everything as well. Such a great feeling! Grounding part is very important then. But the more difficult part to handle is to really chose well from variety of choices and make it step by step, because this is exactly how you pave your path forward. Good thing is that your heart always knows what you want a lot faster than your head. So you can be sure, your head will try to sabotage you all the way. Don't fight, make friends with your mind, shake hands and prepare yourself to have insecurity as a best friend.

When you live your heart and Soul driven life you have to be very much connected with your body, because this is how your communication works. Your Soul and heart communicate with you through your body, the sensations that you feel and emotions that you experience. It may also be images, visions and dreams. You are so much in-tuned with your intuition, that even if you can get fooled a bit by external situations , you will always get the right message anyway. Our body is 70% of water, so perhaps we could also say that your Soul communicate with you through the water as water element is actually about our emotional and subconscious life. Some even say that water is a God's realm. To be truly connected with your body, you need to take care of it well!

When you enter this path, things manifest very quickly, but only when you are absolutely sure, if it is really right for you and if you are ready to receive it and to recognise through vibration, that this is what you asked for. I can assure you that you will often be surprised and say to yourself: "OMG, is this is what I wanted?! I had no idea that this will come to me like that!". So, as the wise man said: "be careful what you wish for as it may come true" ?‍♀️?‍♀️✨

Your body somehow receives the information that the change is coming, you feel insecurity, sometimes frustration as your mind really don't get what is going on and what information is entering your field. Of course, you need to take care of your energy field in order not to let something you don't want and what could be harmful for you, that is your spiritual hygiene. I feel it in the way that when new information is entering my field, I can feel and observe how and which old information that I don't need anymore, exit my energy field and my body, so I help the process gently to release them with my rituals.

Another challenging part is very often other people. Not because they do something deliberately (well, some may, but I believe it is minority- they are anyway just an expression of your inner reality, so perhaps also some doubts, fears or just nudges to force you to take action) but because they usually don’t understand it. And that is ok too, as long as they don’t try to put their fears on you. And trust me, sometimes the fears are huge! Then you need to protect yourself. Again, probably it is not their intention, but their perception is not even trying to accept this fact, because their mind is not able to accept the heart driven life. Some of them are just asking questions, because they are curious and that can by annoying too, especially when you sit, meditate and ask your Guides and Universe for guidance and there is none at the moment (which in fact is a guidance anyway) and still nothing, you may start to freak out 😉 but please don’t! I do freak out from time to time and it is nothing good! If you are on your path, for sure it is unfolding exactly as it should be. Some are also just curious and hungry to have their own experience of heart driven life, so if you feel like, share your story with others tp the extent which feels right for you.

My favourite short answer to some of the questions is usually: „I don’t know” or in Greek „Den xero”.

It is not because I don’t know. I know where I am heading, but the „den xero” part means that:

  • I don’t know details of my journey and whenever I try to force and control reality, I push what I want even further away
  • In quantum there are infinite numbers of options and every step you take brings you closer to one of them, so it is good to chose carefully and not to hurry if you are not certain, just one step at a time
  • I may still not have all the information to take the right decision to move forward at this very moment
  • I know that I can only plan small steps on the way because of all other points mentioned above and because it is easier to adjust and navigate
  • I need to stop, revise the steps I took and make adjustments
  • I know I need to be flexible and adaptable because I manifest things so quickly and for this reason, whatever I truly decide, other pieces of the puzzles unfold immediately.

Surely this is less travelled journey, but I can only tell you it is worth it, no matter the turbulences you will experience, because you will, so be prepared for that, fasten your seatbelts and keep your steering wheel tight! 

Enjoy the ride!

With love ???


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